Customized Trips

Quiénes somos

Would you like to enjoy to the maximum your next trip, visit the spots that you will really like and avoid activities and places that do not fit with your personality? Now you can do it, due to the personalized guides that I, Trini Navarro, will get ready for you.

What do you expect from the trip? How much time do you have? Are you travelling alone or in company? What kind of activities do you like? With a few personal questions, I will know better what you are looking for and with all that information, I can write down a personalized guide, in which I can recommend you visits and activities you can not miss.

All my years of experience travelling and working in the tourism field, as well as all my contacts around the world, will allow me to elaborate a unique, customized and personal travel guide along with all the information about transport, where to stay, sightseeing, attractions,…

Do not do the same trip as everyone else. Ask for your personal travel guide and discover a new whole world.