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Unusual places for Skiing

Hi Travellers! If you are totally addicted to snow and you only think about the next ski season, I would like to present you the most unusual resorts, situated where you’d never expected to find snow. In Morroco at the Atlas mountain, we will find Oukaimeden resort. It base is located at 2600m above the […]

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Gobi Desert

Hello Travelers! This week I would like to show you the Gobi Desert. It is located between Mongolia and China, apart from being one of the most important deserts of the world, its climate is one of the most extreme of the world. You might be wondering, why visiting Gobi? What am I going to […]

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Trips to the Antartica

Tierra de¬†Fuego¬†and the Antartica At first sight we might think, these¬†are solitary places¬†and inhospitable, but¬†Tierra de Fuego¬†and the Antartica offer a beautiful sightseeing, wild nature and unique experiences. Tourism in Antactica already reach 60,000 tourist per year, and still increasing. There are many travel agencies that offer express cruises of 5 days, 11 days and […]

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