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A Small Big Place in Italy: Manarola

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Hi Travellers!

if you are already in Italy or you live close and need to scape from routine, you can not miss this singular place: Manarola.

It is located in the province of Liguria, north of Italy, and the capital is Genova. Manarola is a small village, which belongs to a group of 5 seaside villages, all of them Human Heritage.

The houses in Manarola have been build one next to another, situated on top of a cliff and all of them painted with different colors.

The best attraction of this village is the Church of San Lorenzo, you will enjoy spectacular views, so the hike really worth it:


If you have time don’t miss the restaurant Trattoria Dal Billy, best if you can have a table on the terrace!

A great place to find tranquillity.

Have fun Travelers!

Publicada en: Blog, Lugares Ăšnicos

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