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Tokyo: Past and Present

Publicado por en Lugares Únicos el 05/04/2012

´╗┐´╗┐Hi Travelers!

Even though to me is very difficult to choose my favourite city, I would maybe say Tokyo. It is a city were past and present come together. It is the past of traditions and the most actual technology.

I still remember my first time in Tokyo. I was so impressed that I had to come back few times. To me every time is unique and different, full of new sensations, and as usual I would like to share my experiences with you!

I think the best is try to find a Ryokan, a traditional hotel. First step to get into the culture:



Once you find the place to stay, go and get a public transportation card and you are ready to check out the city. Temples, parks, palaces, technology, restaurants, bars… there are so many places to visit, that at least you need a week to get a good idea of the city.

But not only restaurants and cultural places offers Tokyo, the people are just amazing!

Really this is a city that should be in your “Must Go” list.



For more information about restaurants, places, recommendations…. don┬┤t hesitate to contact me. I will plan the perfect guide that will fits you!

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