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Switzerland: Geneva

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Hello Travelers!

This week I would like to write about one city, which is located in a country that I miss a lot, since it used to be my home during 2 years, Switzerland.

This city is Geneva.

Geneva is right on the Gevena lake or Leman lake, furthermore it has amazing views to the Alps.

Just with this, we need no more excuses to travel to Geneva

From Spain you can travel with Easyjet to Geneva: but also Swissair is a good option:

First of all, we must say that Switzerland is expesinve, ¬†so keep it in mind, and we won’t get any surprises during our visit.

Once there, at the airport, you can check train schedules to the city center, always on time, or previously on its web site:


Geneva is worldwide known for its hospitality, banks, chocolates and watches (among other things).

Geneva is a small city, with 24 or 48 hours is enough to see it. So it is  perfect destination to spend a weekend.

What to see:

1. Flowers Clock. 

It was designed 1955 in honor to internationally-known watch industry .

The seconds hand of Geneva’s Flower Clock is the largest in the world (it is more than 2.5 meters long).

Reloj de Flores

2. Saint-Pierre Cathedral.

Saint-Pierre Cathedral (1535) is the main Protestan church in Geneva.¬†If ¬†you go up 157! steps to the tower you will enjoy 360¬ļ panoramic views of the city and the lake.

Do not miss the archeological ruins under the cathedral.

Saint Pierre Ginebra

3. Maison Tavel.

Maison Tavel is the eldest house in town, the entry is free and data from 1303.

Maison Tavel

4. Pont du Mont-Blanc.

Pont du Mont-Blanc is the biggest bridge out of the 5 bridges that crosses Rhone river.

Pont du Mont Blanc

5. Le Jet d’eau.

El Jet d’Eau (water jet), one of the Geneva’s¬†most famous landmarks. A¬†marvellous fountain with water reaching to an unbelievable height of¬†140m.


6. Rousseau Island.

Next to the Pont du Mont Blanc, the island is named for local Jacques Rousseau, the great 18th century philosopher whose statue has been standing guard here since 1835.


7. CERN.

CERN is an international organization whose purpose is to operate the world’s largest¬†particle physics¬†laboratory.

You can take tram number 14, it will leave you right at the entrance, for more information check its website:

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