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Books to Travel without leaving Home

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¬°Hi Travelers! I was just reviewing my small library, when I realized that I have read many books about trips and how those have motivated me to choose new destinations.

Among these books my favorites are:

РDiario de Motocicleta: Che Guevara.  It is the trip of Che Gevara around Southamerica, crossing Chile to reach Venezuela, with his good friend Alberto Granado. This trip was the beginning of the Revolución.

– Los Viajes de J√ļpiter: Ted Simon. Four years around the world on a Triumph. This story is amazing, just tell you that there is an advise: “Warning!!! Due to this book many women and men drop their jobs and took the road.” After reading this, Don’t you feel the curiosity to read it? 100% discovering and inspiration.

– Hacia Rutas Salvajes: Jon Krakauer. This is the real story of Chris McCandless, who left money, family friends and studies, to get into Alaska’s nature and having a unique live “Into the Wild”

– El Peor Viaje del Mundo: Apsley Cherry-Garrard. This is the experience that the explorer had in the expedition of Captain Scott to the South Pole. After reading this book, you will look to Antartida with another perpestive.



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